Knock Knock Diary

March 9, 2016

好開心的一天!非常謝謝時報週刊、愛女生雜誌、styletc樂時尚在38婦女節特別介紹「敲敲門青旅」, 真的好surprise,好surprise喔!大小管家的用心能受到各位旅客朋友的青睞, 這是無價的成就感,我們會更用心讓敲敲門更好,更舒適,更溫馨,成為大家的第二個家! 

At the last minute on Woman's Day, KNOCK KNOCK HOSTEL is honored to be listed as one of the recommended MUST-STAY hostel on CTWeekly, CTWGirl, and Styletc. All the hard work is paid off, which is priceless reward for us. Thank you for loving Knock Knock Hostel.